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BECOMING A BETTER YOU is the story of a young educator who went on a journey of personal development together with his student and in the process, had a paradigm shift on the many reasons why they do what they do, their behaviors and way of life.

BECOMING A BETTER YOU is a practical guide that offers students, teenagers and youths the keys to be their best self and achieve success in all their endeavors. Every young individual needs proper guidance in this confusing and mendacious times, that is vented with all manners of anomalies and wrong ideas, so as not to tread the wrong path in life.

The book offers the best method every youth must adopt to practice proper time management, and how to become intentional as to what influences them, and living a purposeful life.

The book also captures the need to embrace a positive mental attitude, skill advancement, and the seven levels of intelligence, which marks as the totem of a better personality.


What People Are Saying About Becoming A Better You

"This book is a 'must read' for anyone that desires career prospects and social fulfillment. Reading the contents sustains the reader's interest from the beginning till the last page. More importantly, the book us a sure recipe for success."
Rahaman Onike
Author & Public Intellectual
"Any success-hungry youth who wishes to live his/her best life should make the effort of reading this book and applying all the principles therein. Dive in and devour the contents with enthusiasm because the answer to a successful youthful living is here."
Solomon Okeke
Co-founder: Impactfield Global Youth Initiative, Personal Development coach.
"Becoming A Better You shows the fundamental steps every teenager must take to make his or her PRESENT better than the PAST and making the FUTURE the best!"
Kayode Ojo
"Inspiring and a beautiful guide and a great direction for young adults."
Omotola Akinwale
Teenage Counsellor
"BECOMING A BETTER YOU deserves to be in the starter kit of every adolescent, almost everything I needed to hear as a growing adult can be found in the book. I totally recommend that every adolescent read it so they can be equipped for the future."
Mitchell Eromesele
Clarity and Purpose Coach
"BECOMING A BETTER YOU is an amazing read. Goal setting for teenagers is very essential and it is important for them to understand this concept early enough. Becoming A Better You guides the teenager on how to do this and do it well."
Ozasemen Aghedo
"A lot of teenagers are often left to wander alone on this self-discovery journey path. Sometimes, it doesn't end well. This book fills that gap. It entails immense knowledge, yet in simple terms. I call it 'adult hacks'."
Dako Victoria Adejoke
Teen Coach
"The book is a treasure trove to behold and a must have in every library, the principles in it are timeless, the tone of the words therein is hear-warming, the content is enriching and the sequence of flow is easily understood and will spur you to action."
Toyin Sam-Emehelu
Lead Consultant Coreskills Development Services
Are you a teenager or young adult seeking guidance and direction in life? Do you desire to cause a ground-breaking change in your academics and personal life, or you have passion to impact lives and contribute positively to your immediate surrounding? If yes, then you are holding in your hands the best guide ever!
Emmanuel Idowu
Educator & Public Speaker
"This book is full packed with insights and inspiration, the one every youth out there needs to drink from. The messages offered in this book will help unleash your great potentials in life. I encourage you to read and establish your desires in life with the principles contained in this great work."
Cynthia Osagie
Careland Educational Services

Read a free copy online and have a taste of what the book offers or click the “Get Me” button to download directly into your storage device.

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