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You too need a push

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In the book Small business, Big Money by Akin Alabi. There, the author curates a very short, interesting, and hilarious story.

You may not have read the book but be familiar with the story, or maybe not.

It is the story of a prominent king who decides it is time to give the hand of his beautiful princess in marriage.

Anybody who will be her groom would not only be handsome but also must be bold and courageous, must have the heart of a true soldier. So finding that man, the king decides to throw a challenge. It is a swimming challenge, to swim across a small, not too deep river. Whoever reaches the other side of the first gets becomes the groom.

Everybody was excited because this doesn’t seem to be any challenge, not until they started seeing huge three crocodiles raising their heads in the water. Oh boy! Nobody could boldly come forward to step into. This was tantamount to suicide!

All of a sudden we hear a splash, somebody is in!


A young man, so fragile, not too blessed with a physique. He is making progress. A deep tension dominates the atmosphere. The first crocodile approaches him, he dodges and swims away, the second came running towards him, he maneuvers it and also did the same to the third.


He did it!

He did it!

When the young man came out, he was seriously panting, sweating even while wet.

Everybody started cheering him up and his lovely bride would soon be handed over to him together with the promised wealth that comes with it.

But this young man was not interested in all the adulation and awarding, he needed to know who was the big head that pushed him inside the water!

“Who pushed me?!”

The moral of this story is actually where my message is.

You see, in life, we all need a push to move from point A to point B.

I realize there are generally two types of push: the “events of life push” or what I like to call “experience push” and then the “human push”, that is the push that comes from those surrounding us like in the case of this very young man.

The experience push is not always pleasant. Because it comes after paying a prize. Someone, whose house is burgled several times, finally decides to replace his wooden door with that of iron.

They say “experience is the best teacher”; I say experience is the best pusher.

We all have been on this path before.

The “human push” is when those around us (friends, families, strangers) offers us the needed motivation to create a change in our lives.

Because you see, an average human being will never take a step towards any change in a neutral state. They need a source of inspiration and motivation to get pumped up to do something outside their comfort zone.

So, for that your goal, for that your unwritten book, for that your unattended courses, for that your business idea, for that your relationship, you need a push. We all do!

Find your push.

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