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Five strategies to help you find strength in every pain

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Just six days into her marriage, she opened her eyes on a hospital bed with severe pains coursing through her joints. Her environment quickly aided her memory in recollecting what had happened. She got involved in a ghastly car accident alongside her newly wedded husband, whom she will later find out didn’t make it. It’s been an entire week in a coma, “a miraculous recovery” the doctor said. “How will she take the news? Won’t it lead her into another coma?” the stranger helper who brought her in converse. This fear will later deny her the misfortune that has befallen her for a long time.

Hello, let me introduce my protagonist to you. Meet Aisha, an orphan who never knew her parents but fortunately met a lovely man who later became the love of her life. In him, she saw everything she never had, including parenthood. Well, who ever thought this happy feeling of hers will never last long? As if the pain of orphanage is not enough, she became widowed. It was difficult for Aisha, but she survived. 

What is your greatest pain right now?  What are you going through right now that seems unbearable? You wonder, is it ever possible to grow out of pain? Well, if I am to give you a response, I would say Aisha did and so can you. How she founded strength in all of her pains and was strong enough to walk out of it is what I desire to share with you today.

Sit a spell with me as I walk you through the five strategies.

Let’s begin.

Strategy one: Shift Perspective: How do you respond to pain? Do you try to fight it off or embrace it? Pain and suffering are an integral fabrics of life. You must understand that the journey of life is never smooth. They will always be ups and down. Maxime Lagace noted that “every pain is a gift and an opportunity.” Once you shift your perspective away from bitter complaint and think on to how the difficulties in your life can be a blessing to you, your life; then your growth has just begun. One sure way to shift your perspective is: 

Strategy two: Embrace Acceptance: Acceptance is the first step to victory over pain. If you are hell bent on winning over pain, you must first accept totally what has occurred. With acceptance, you have successfully deposited the experience in the bank called PAST.

The critical response to every challenge in life is total and compete acceptance. Jon morrow once assert that, “the people who struggle are the ones who can’t accept the incessant unfairness in life. They become consumed with what should have happened, the way other people should have behaved that they become incapable of dealing with reality.” How then do you deal with reality?

Strategy three: Be strong in advance 

 The blows of life always come, eventually and unfailingly. The question is: how well are you prepared to take the punches. Don’t wait till when being strong will be your only option. Be strong in advance. 

Strategy 4: Turn pain to gain:

 Pain brings gain and can also bring pleasurable benefits depending on what you focus on. Don’t get blinded by the distress and let the gain slip through your finger. Increase your pain tolerance and you will access the gain that, “in life every difficulty carrier with a corresponding of equal size.” This is where you should focus attention—learn, observe, and get compensated. 

Strategy 5:  Never give up on your survival:

 Your pains are meant to teach you lessons; pleasure can never teach you. To strengthen you, to make you courageous, wise enough to better weather future storm—don’t deny it and don’t lose it. Your survival is the most important thing because the harvest of every painful experience is where the joy lies—never give up!

In the words of Dalai Lama: no matter what sort of difficulties, how painful experience is, if we lose our hope, that’s our real disaster. 

Today, get stronger with your pain. ✊🏿

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