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The Reward of Selfishness

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Oh yes! It is profitable sometimes to be selfish.

It was Henry David Thoreau who said that “most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.”

Many of us live our lives in desperation, faking the inner connection with ourselves and denying ourselves the right to authentic living.

We lose touch with ourselves trying to be everyone’s hero and juggling responsibilities of people who don’t really care about our wellbeing.

In a bit to live life all at once, to play the role of the peg that fits all whole, we end up creating a perfect illusory world around us and lost the true sense of our identity.

We become the person we never were, the person we were never meant to be because what we needed to discover our true self has been given away, with that we lost our individuality.

When we discover that we have abandoned our personal needs like quality alone time, space for solitude and self-boundaries, then it is necessary to do this: get selfish!

Getting selfish with your time, attention, focus and energy will usher you on the journey of rediscovery.

Take more time instead with yourself. Getting to know the you better offers a lot of benefit to your body, soul and spirit. You can achieve this through mediation, self—talking, role playing on questions and answers with yourself.

Give more attention to your wellbeing, to your dreams, to what elevate your spirit, to what gets you closer to your inner you. You cannot continue to live a life of duplicate. Instead, embrace a life of originality, of naturalness.

Focus your energy on the what will benefit you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being selfish with you focusing on or doing contrary to what the crowd is doing. Explore fresh ways of living and live the life you really want.

Reclaim your power by controlling what you spend time on and prioritize in your life.

If you don’t choose your scope, you will fall into the vastness of mindlessness and aimlessness and life will become boring, depressing and uninteresting for you. Being selfish requires that you select mindfully what you do with the precious gifts of life given to you.

Always remember that it is you first! Never neglect your own needs to be selfish and about making the life that fulfills you.

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