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Self-assessment: How often still are you in a world of hurriedness?

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If I have learned nothing, I have learnt this: self-assessment matters! It is the fundamental practice that reveals the inner you; exposes its core values and potentials to your conscious mind. The in-disposable truth about success in life is that it is directly connected to growth. How then do we ensure that we are growing? Simple! By asking ourselves the most important questions that matter to our life and existence—the “why’s” and “what”

Why am I doing this?

What was I created for?

How do I identify my purpose and achieve it?

What am I here to achieve? Among many other important questions.

Self-assessment is only a product of stillness—the ability to pause and reflect. Ask yourself, how often still are you? In your career, business, relationships, education and life. Be careful not to mix stillness with being lazy or rigid. No! rigidity is not synonymous to stillness. While rigidity can make you retrogress, stillness ensures that you are plying the right course—making fundamental progress in your life. Being still enables you to see the complete picture, rather than being stuck in the frame. 

Press the pause and reflect button:

I don’t know for how long you have been on that goal, or project, or in that relationship or career; running all along tirelessly and you have become restless and just can’t stop all because you don’t want to give up. Hey, nobody is asking you to do that—give up on your goals. But you must understand that sometimes you need to pause and reflect on your past efforts, take a few steps back and catch a broader view of how things are going in your life. Don’t be like a car that works 24/hours a day and 7 days a week without check-ups—eventually it will breakdown and become useless. 

The ability to convert failure to success directly depends on the ability to pause and reflect.

Why am I not making progress? 

What is delaying my goal from reaching reality?

Where must I develop to step up my game? And many more puzzle-like questions hindering growth and success and can be clarified only when properly reflected upon.

Seek rehabilitation: 

So many people believe that it is when things are not working out for them, that is when you have to pause and reflect on where you are getting it wrong, but now, that’s not true. Such belief is one-sided. Most successful people in business and in personal life understand the importance of rest ‘being still’ and that is why they consciously engage in retreat and rehabilitation. 

In the words of Margaret J. Wheatley, “without reflection, we go blindly on our way”, which summarizes the content of this article for me.

Find time to reflect on your life goals and ambition. It is only the strength of reflection that one gets clarity—clarity in all areas of life. 

I hope you’ve gained value? Let me know in the comment section below.

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