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The Number One Thing to do Daily

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According to Socrates’ maxim: The unexamined life isn’t worth living. Self-assessment and attempts that self-improvement are essential aspects of “the good life.”

Many people have expressed their opinions on the things they do daily and how well these things contribute positively to their lives. From smiling to a total stranger on the walkway, to listening to music, to spending time with a loved one among others which are impactful ideas.

If you would add one more to the already listed list, I will say engaging daily in Self Exertion. This, I believe, stands apart and above all other.

Everything we do now requires that we self-reflect every day to keep us in check. Self-exertion is the ritual that encompasses all that we do to ensure that everything we do or plan to do is within our values and principles. Self-exertion prevents us from mistaking activity with achievement.  In the words of Jane Austen: “Every impulse of feeling should be guided by reason and in my opinion, exertion should always be in proportion to what is required.” 

Self-exertion affords us the opportunity to ask the important questions: 

What have I been able to achieve today?

Are my activities in line with my set goals?

How well have I been able to annex my strength? And many other vital questions.

We must always ensure that everything we do is brought under strict scrutiny with humility and honesty in accordance to our values and principles. 

It was Kilroy J. Oldster who said, “we must judge our idealistic self in the harsh daylight of our concrete deeds. If a person wishes to engender self-improvement, they must eschew conventional norms and seek an authentic conversation with the self.” And I must add that we must do it daily. How long it takes is not important here. You can assess your day with a minute and you have achieved the self-assertion ritual.

So here you have it, the number one thing to do daily—a proper, unbiased self-exertion by embracing solitude and creating a personal time with the real you.

Tell what have you been creating personal time for lately?

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